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Just Letting is South Africa’s leading property rental and management specialist. With just over 102 owner operated franchises nationwide, finding property couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re looking for houses to rent, to let your home, or manage your rental properties.

More often than not, the rental process is focused solely on the owner. At Just Letting, however, we acknowledge the importance of sound relationships and ensure that both the owner and tenant receive the best possible service and attention from our dedicated team of consultants. Over and above this, we believe in actively encouraging co-operation between all parties.

Why use Just Letting

Just Letting focuses on the niche market of residential property rental, ensuring that we are specialists and industry leaders. This is a real benefit to owners and tenants alike, and is causing more South Africans to choose Just Letting as their preferred rental agency. Our national footprint further ensures tenants have a much wider choice of properties to rent.

Owner Benefits

As a leading letting agent in residential rentals, we are able to offer expert advice to landlords regarding their investment properties.

In addition, we protect our owners and tenants in many ways, most notably through our comprehensive lease agreements and our policy of holding rental deposits in trust. This legal requirement has been put in place in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act to protect the owner’s interests against damages to the property caused by the tenant.

We take charge of the entire leasing process, from the property “take-on” process, which includes property assessment and advice, nationwide advertising and marketing campaigns that guarantee prominent exposure, which results in securing good leases.

Accredited Just Letting consultants draw on their specialist expertise to ensure owners receive market-related returns on their rentals. Landlords have the option to use our procurement only lease where we find an appropriate tenant and the landlord manages the lease; or our full management lease which consists of:

  • Appropriate advertising of your available property
  • Procurement, credit vetting and checking references for your potential tenant
  • Comprehensive contracts
  • Monthly management of rental payments
  • Deposits held in interest bearing accounts
  • Property Inspections
  • Maintenance and general administration

Just Letting has also produced many innovative products such as RentSecure, which guarantees a landlord’s rental income against defaulting tenants.

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Tenant Benefits

The large number of rental properties across South Africa assures tenants that they will find a home that caters to their individual needs.

By using the services of Just Letting’s team, you will have immediate access to a variety of properties that suits your requirements. All you need to do is give any of our consultants your preferences and they will do the rest.

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Property Listing

Just Letting furnishes advice regarding rental returns and comparative market information. Over and above this, we advertise and market each property through printed and electronic media. Properties are advertised on our own website as well as other prominent rental property web-portals, ensuring maximum exposure to potential tenants.

Tenant Procurement

Owners only utilise this service to access our extensive database of suitable tenants for their vacant properties, they then perform their own rental collection and property management. Just Letting conducts credit vetting in the form of credit checks, reference checks and ensures that a comprehensive lease agreement is signed.

Tenant Deposit Trust

Each franchise is fully registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and all trust accounts are opened in terms of section 32(1) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112/1976.


On instructions from the owner, Just Letting will pay suppliers for utilities, such as water, electricity and levies, on behalf of the owner.


Should a tenant fall behind in rental payments, and after giving due warning, the matter will be handed over for collection. At any stage, the owner and tenant can obtain advice from the relevant Just Letting Franchisee.

Property Inspections

Each managed lease includes an in-going and out-going inspection, but the landlord has the choice of additional interim inspections during the lease period. Just Letting will make an appointment with the tenant to inspect the property. The consultant will complete a property inspection report, which will in turn be forwarded to the owner.

Property Administration

For the discerning owner that is aware of the time consuming process of managing both a tenant and property, we offer the following services:

Just Letting facilitates the process of finding suitable tenants for vacant properties.
Rental collections, maintenance quotes, co-ordination, and general day to day management will be handled by Just Letting, who is the liaison between you and the tenant.

Using Just Letting’s sophisticated administration management software and debit order system, the owner is assured of prompt rental collection and accurate reporting.

Inventory on Occupation and Exit for Managed Leases

Just Letting prides itself in being one of the only agencies that conducts a comprehensive property inspection with the tenant on occupation to determine whether there are any defects. This service alleviates potential disputes over damaged property.

Comprehensive Monthly statements

Comprehensive statements are issued to both the owner and tenant on a monthly basis, providing Landlords with confirmation of rental income and maintenance expenses for tax purposes.

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