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Just Commercial is one of the largest commercial property specialist operating in South Africa, boasting 41 owner-operated franchises nationwide and one in Namibia. As part of the Just Property Group, Just Commercial has been established as an industry leader in its own right by focussing on the leasing and selling of commercial, industrial and retail properties. Just Commercial counts leading enterprises amongst its clientele and its success comes as a result of our equal dedication to both landlord and tenant. We take a holistic approach to property rental and sales, and we are committed to providing each of our customers with the highest quality personalised service.

Why use Just Commercial?

Property owners often have legitimate concerns about how property management companies operate, how fees are structured and what value and benefits they can receive by contacting with them. At Just Commercial, we are familiar with these concerns and our property management team members are skilled, highly trained professionals that are here to save you time, minimise your personal risk and significantly reduce the stress related to commercial property sales and lets.
Owner Benefits
Owners of commercial, industrial and retail properties will benefit from the specialist expertise and valuable experience of the Just Commercial team.As a landlord you can opt for us to handle the entire rental process.

With a branch listing Just Commercial takes charge of the entire leasing process, from the property “take on” procedure, which includes property assessment and advice, nationwide and advertising and marketing campaigns that guarantee prominent exposure, to securing leases. Accredited Just Commercial consultants draw on their specialist expertise to ensure owners receive market-related returns on their rentals. By opting for a branch listing, you are assured of the following:

  • Maximum rentals will be achieved
  • Tenants are thoroughly screened
  • Applicants are selected
  • Adequate deposits are paid
  • All lease documentation is finalised and signed
  • Property inspection are undertaken
  • Statements are provided to tenants and landlords
  • Levies and/or bond accounts are paid, upon instructions from the landlord
  • Currently vacant properties are re-let
  • Deposits are refunded
  • Property maintenance is approved
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Tenant Benefits
When it comes to commercial, industrial and retail properties you require high level of investments and tenants should be weary of making a costly mistake. If you are planning on renting or buying commercial property, you would be wise to employ the help of an expert.The Just Commercial team will minimise your risk by ensuring that the properties we take you to view, meet with your standards and is within your price range. We further ensure that you deal with legitimate landlords, committed to providing properties of the highest quality and dedicated to keeping up with maintenance demands.

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While on the face of it a commercial property listing, rental or sale may appear straight forward, it is important to dig deeper and find out more before signing on the dotted lines. Our fully trained and friendly staff prides themselves on removing some of the stress and hassle from the rental and sales process. With our local knowledge and expertise you can feel confident that you will be receiving professional and well-informed advice at all times.

Just Commercial furnishes advice regarding rental returns and comparative market information. Over and above this, we advertise and market each property through printed and electronic media.

Tenant Procurement
We advertise available properties on our website and the relevant print and electronic media, to ensure as wide spread exposure as possible. Just Commercial also conducts checks and ensures that the lease agreement is signed.

Property Identification
You are able to search through thousands of commercial properties to let throughout South Africa in all property types and price ranges.

Iron Clad Lease Agreement
The lease agreement we provide you with protects both landlord and the tenant from possible defaulting.
Our aim is to ensure that both the seller and the buyer make the right decision.

Identify the Right Property
We help you find the right property to buy by ensuring that it meets your criteria.

Calculate the Risks
Just Commercial assists you in calculating the risks associated with a particular property and so help you to avoid the pitfalls.

Best Achievable Price
We ensure that the seller gets the right price for his property.

Investor Advice
Investor advice is provided to ensure that you obtain the best possible investment.

Financing We assist with the necessary financing, if required.

Monitor Progress
Once concluded, we monitor the progress of the sale and keep both buyer and seller informed of the progress.
We take the stress out of property lets.

Property Inspections
Is required, the owner has the choice of having their property inspected up to four times during the leasing period. Just Commercial will make an appointment with the tenant to inspect the property. On leaving, the consultant will complete a property inspection report, which will in turn be forwarded to the owner.

Inventory on Occupation and Exit
Just Commercial prides itself on being one of the only agencies that conducts a comprehensive property inspection with the tenant o occupation to determine whether there are any defects. This service elevates potential disputes over damaged property.

Rent Collection
Using Just Commercial’s sophisticated web based software and debit order system, the owner is assured of prompt rental collection and accurate reporting.

Utility Payments
Such as water, electricity and levies. On instructions from the owner, Just Commercial will pay suppliers directly from the accrued monthly rental.

Comprehensive Monthly statements
Comprehensive statements are issued to both the owner and the tenant on a monthly basis.

Should a tenant fall behind in rental payments, and after giving due warning, the matter will be handed over for collection. At any stage, the owner and tenant can obtain advice from the relevant Just Commercial Franchisee.